Psychotherapy Services is a private CBT and EMDR practice for children, adolescents and adults. 
If you would like to discuss therapy before making a referral, please use the contact page. To make a referral, please get in touch by phone (07932 308120) or email ([email protected])

Common Reasons for Referral

  • Anxiety
  • Body image concerns (including BDD)
  • General Anxiety and Worrying
  • Hair Pulling
  • Health Anxiety
  • Low self-esteem
  • OCD
  • Panic attacks
  • Phobias
  • PTSD and Trauma
  • Social Anxiety

This list is not an exhaustive list, but just some examples of problems that may be helped by therapy.
The nature of personal problems can be complicated, and it is common for people to experience a number of problems at once. In these instances, problems can be prioritised in order to understand how best to use the time in sessions to address key concerns.
Your GP may be able to advise you on whether or not therapy could help.

If you are unsure whether CBT or EMDR therapy will be able to help, please speak to a GP or use the contact form. Typically, problems outlined in the ‘Common Reasons for Referral’ will be helped by therapy, and it is expected that clients will want help for one or more problems at any given time.
Clients with the following will be advised to speak to their GP about more specialist interventions and, therefore, will not be accepted for therapy:

  • Alcohol dependence
  • Anger management issues
  • Substance misuse
  • Planning suicide or violence