Privacy Policy


We are committed to safeguarding your privacy, adhering to legal frameworks such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This Privacy Policy outlines how we manage your personal and sensitive data.

Legal Basis for Processing

Data is processed under the following legal bases:

  • Consent: Initially obtained at the start of therapy and updated as necessary. Ongoing consent is assumed by attendance at future appointments.
  • Contractual Necessity: Data is processed as required to provide agreed-upon therapy services.
  • Legitimate Interests: Data processing integral to the therapist-client relationship.

Information We Collect and Use

Personal and Sensitive Data

We collect both personal and sensitive data relevant to your therapy goals. This may include health information and any other sensitive categories discussed in therapy.

Data Sources

  • Directly from you during therapy sessions.
  • Notes taken during and after each session.
  • Referring third parties, when applicable.

Use of Information

  • To offer personalised therapeutic services.
  • For record-keeping: Session notes and more formal matter-of-fact notes are maintained.

Audio Recordings

Clients can consent to sessions being audio-recorded. These recordings are securely stored and deleted one year after the final session.

Security Measures

  • Hard copies of data are securely locked away.
  • Digital records are encrypted.

Data Retention

Records are maintained for six years following your last therapy appointment.

Data Sharing

Where you have been referred by a third-party agency (e.g., an insurance company, Bupa, etc.), data may be shared with referring third parties, strictly limited to what is necessary to provide you with therapeutic services.

Your Rights

Under GDPR, you have several rights related to your data:

  • Access within one calendar month.
  • Rectification of incorrect data.
  • Erasure, within the limits of legal and professional obligations.

To exercise these rights, please contact us using the details on our Contact Page.

Special Circumstances

Information may be disclosed when there’s a significant risk to you or a third party, or when legally required, such as by a court order.


We reserve the right to update this policy periodically. Significant changes will be communicated directly to you.


For any queries regarding this Privacy Policy, please refer to the Contact Page.